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SQLite Search

For many projects FTS is now a requirement. SQLite's fts5 extension provides full-text search (fts) functionality that's simple and fast. Here I document a solution for serverless applications that can run SQLite indexes in memory for fts.

A Web App Framework

This is documentation, for me essentially, on how to deploy a web application. It's opinionated and will change over time. Here are the buzz words:

  • Next.js
  • Typescript
  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Go
  • Google Cloud Run (Serverless)
  • Firebase

Goldfish Memory

It's live and almost usable!

An app I made over Christmas and the lockdowns, its designed as a simple flashcard memory app. Based on the super memo algoirithm, like Anki. It reminds you to remember what you've forgotten. I've been frustrated with my rate of learning. Online courses are great but if you don't make an effort to remember the material it's like you didn't study it in the first place.


Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing

A swash plate is a vital part of a helicopter that controls the pitch of the blades as it rotates. It's also one of the most complex pieces of a helicopter. Quad-copters reduce this complexity by removing the swash plate altogether, trading efficiency for simplicity. Instead of a swash plate you have a fixed blade and modulate the power to each. Although this makes it simpler it is a large tradeoff, one that grows exponentially as the mass of the blades increases. So how can we reduce the complexity and still keep the efficiency of a helicopter? Lets make a simpler swash plate by mixing the conventional cyclic and pitch controls!

An iPad with Tailscale

Apple is switching their entire lineup to ARM processors so soon all our dev machines will be super little RISC processors. I've been doing this already, thanks to an iPad Pro with some internet connection it has become my go-to mobile machine. Now with tailscale it's almost usable!

Rust on a Beaglebone Blue

Beaglebone Blue is an all-in-one linux computer for robotics. Based on the Beaglebone Black with specific integrations for robotics its the perfect dev board. In this post we wrap the extensive C libraries available to make them callable from Rust.

Beaglebone Blue